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Security Iron Company, Inc. Business Downsizing & Moving to New Location
7010 Washington Ave • New Orleans, LA 

Inspection: Wed, 11/14 from 9AM to 3PM

Directions: Take I-10 W in New Orleans, use right lane to take exit 232 for Carrollton Ave toward US-61 N/Tulane Ave, keep right at the fork, follow signs for Carrollton Ave S, Continue onto Dublin St, turn left onto Palmetto St, Continue to Washington Ave & the auction is on the right. Parking on Washington Ave is limited; additional parking available at 4900 Calliope St: Continue on Washington Ave, turn right onto S. Genois St, turn right onto Calliope St. to End.

Removal: Day of Auction & Fri/Mon, Nov 16th & 19th from 9am to 3pm Only. Any items not removed are considered abandoned, no refunds given.

10% Buyers premium applies to all purchases • Some items will be subject to reserve • $25 notary fee may apply • Effective July 1, 2018, new Sales Tax rate is 9.45%

Auction Day Contact Phone#: 985.288.9739


Installation Trucks/Trailers & HD Equip:
’05 Ford Diesel ¾-Ton 4x4 Truck
’00 Ford F350 10-Ft Flatbed & Boxes
’99 Isuzu 12-Ft Flatbed & Boxes
’06 Ford Van
Genie Z30/20HD Electric Boom
‘01 RWMA 24-Ft 14,000# Gooseneck Trailer
’07 COA 12-Ft Single Axle Utility Trailer
‘06 McClain 4’ Single Axle Trailer
Installation Gas & Portable Equip:
Lincoln 9HP 125A Welder on 4-Ft Trailer
     w/Toolbox & Cables
Titan 2-Stage Gas Compressor
8700W Electric Start Generator
Power Pro 3500 Gas Generator
2-Man Gas Auger
(2) Earth Quake Augers
(2) Stile 12” Gas Concrete Saws
(2) Flux Core 110V Welders
110V Stick Welder
Pancake Compressor
Installation Hand & Power Tools Equip:
Milwaukee Core Drill
Milwaukee Magnetic Drill
Bosch 1-9/16 Rotary Hammer w/Bits
½” Low Speed & (2) 3/8” Drill Motors
Electric 14” Chain Saw
Pneumatic Post Driver & Guides
Post-hole Diggers, Pry Bars, Shovels
Rakes, Pick Axes & Hoes
(4) A-frame & Entension Ladders
(4) Bottle & Railroad Jacks
(2) Heavy Duty Come-Alongs
(4) Height Adjustable Mobile Scaffolds
Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Band Saw
(2) Screw Guns
Rotary Masonary Drills
Misc. Hand Tools, Boxes, Extension Cords,
     Welding Cables
Welders & Welding Equipment:
Miller-Matic 210 w/Spool Gun
Miller 300 Amp Stick/Tig/High Frequency
Miller 200 Amp w/Wire Feed & Cart
Miller 250 CV w/Wire Feed Overhead
Miller 200 SCP w/Wire Feed Overhead
Airco 250 CV w/Wire Feed Overhead
Miller-Matic Challenger 175 Mig Welder
Stick Welder & Spot Welder
Oxygen/Acetylene Torches, Gauges & Carts
Magnetic Tracer
Miller DC Power Unit
Thermal Arc Plasma Cutter
(2) Lehman Mechanical 20-Ton
(2) Lehman Press/Shear 20-Ton
2-Ton Mechanical Press
60-Ton Mechanical Press
Scotchman 65-Ton Hydraulic Iron Worker
48” Mechanical Sheet Metal Shear
Little Giant Trip Hammer
(3) Top & Bottom Die Plates w/Tool Holders
Striker Hole Die Set For Angle
¾-Tube Multi-Hole Punch & Ejector
(2) Rectangular Tubing Notchers w/Mandrel
Multiple Hole for 1” Tube w/Mandrel
6” V-Block Bending Die
Formed Channel 2 Square Hole Piercing Die
Square Tubing Shear Die Set
(2) Striker Plate Forming Dies
Scotchman Angle Cutting Die
Steel Z-Bar Notching Die
Steel Z-Bar Striker/Mounting Hole Die
1” Tube ½” Square Hole Piercing Die Set
Arrow Head Forming Die Set
V-Punch for Expandable w/G’s
Square Tubing 45 Degree Notcher
Misc. Punches, Dies, Blades, Strippers, Etc.
Misc. Tooling & Die Plates
Milwaukee Dry Cut Cold Saw
Kalamazoo Horizontal Band-Saw 10x10 Cap
Brillant 5hp Abrasive Saw
9” Miter Saw for Aluminum
Bosch 10” Table Saw
10” Delta Miter Saw
Roll In Band Saw & Upright Band Saw
Drill Press ¾-Hp Floor Model
Craftsman 1-Hp Laser-Trac Drill Press
Craftsman 1½-Hp Drill Press
(2) Drill Press Run Off Tables
Jet 16 Milling Machine & Stand
Table Top ½-Hp Drill Press
Forming Equipment:
12” x12” x16” Gas Forge, Cart, Tongs & Dies
HD 6” Vise & Stand
HD ¾-Hp Bench Grinder
Manual Rolling Machine
Scroll Bending Patterns & Jig Plant
Misc. Hand & Power Tools:
Dewalt & Milwaukee HD Angle Grinders
(2) 4” Electric Sheet Sanders
(2) 3/8” Electric Drill Motors
Royobi Battery Operated Drill/Driver
Portable Band Saw
Dewalt Screw Gun-Low Speed Hi Torque
Skill Jig Saw Kit
½” Drill Motor
10” Milwaukee Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Misc. Hand & Power Tools Cont.:
(2) 6” Electric Sanders
4 ½” Angle Grinder
Dewalt Reciprocating Saw
Pipe Notcher
Sand Blasting Cabinet
Plant Tables, Benches, Fixtures & Racks:

Work Bench w/Drawers, Light & Shelf
(2) 2’x7’x7’ Shelves
(2) 1’x4’x6’ H Secured Storage Shelves
(2) 2’x8’x6’ H Secured Storage Shelves
(3) 4’x16’x8’ H Pallet/Barrel/Material Racks
75’ Finished Material Bins
(3) 24’ Bulk Steel Racks (2 w/Run Off Tables)
(4) 8’ Bulk Steel Racks (3 w/Run Off Tables)
3’x 8’ Wood Bench
4’x8’ Steel w/Wood Top Assembly Bench
Misc. Assembly Racks, Shelves, Fixtures
     & Horses
9’ Tall Rolling Stairs
4‘x10’ Steel Layout Table
4‘x4x Steel Layout Table
4’x8‘ Steel Layout Table
7’x11‘ Steel Layout Table
(2) 4’x8‘ Rotating Window Guard Jigs
Expandable Window Guard Jig
Fixture Material Rack for Pre-Cut w/G Material
Sheet & Expanded Metal Rack Materials:
Security Storm Doors, Misc. Locks &
     Door Hardware
Pre-Fabricated French Panels
Aluminum & Iron Castings
Driveway Gates
Misc. Steel Bars, Tubes
Misc. Aluminum Pipe, Tubes, Flat Stock
Galvanized Siding
Concrete Stairs & Treads
Arrow Heads & Rosettes
Plant Maintenance Equip:
Trash Cans & Trash Carts, Water
     Hoses, Brooms & Dust Shovels
Wet Shop Vacuum
Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner
Mops & Mop Buckets
(2) Gas Power Trimmers
(2) A-Frame Ladders & (2) Floor Fans
Power Cord, Reels, Extension Cords,
     Light Stands, Etc.
Plant Material Handling Equip:
Yale 5000 Lb. Forklift w/Side Shift
Pair Fork Lift Ramps
Fork Lift I-Beam Extendable Boom
Fork Lift Work Basket
1-Ton 12’x100’ Bridge Crane
(2) Cut Material Carts
¼-Ton Air Hoist w/Trolley & Beam
5-Ton Chain Fall
Trolley on 15’ of Beam
(3) Dollies
(4) Finished Goods Carts
(2) Flat Bed Carts
Spreader Bar & Slings
Misc. Chains, Straps, Plate Clamp,
     Pallet Puller
Beam Trolley & Chain Fall
Pallet Jack Roller Stands
A-Frame Horses
Trailer Ball Forklift Attachment
(5) 20-Ft Storage Containers
(4) 8x10 Storage Sheds
(6) Stacking Pallet Racks

Plant Pneumatic & Finishing Equip:
Hose Reel & Air Gauge
1 Gal. Paint Can Mixer
Automated Paint Line Including:
     120’ HD Powered I-Beam, 20’ Conveyor
     Line, Wash/Phosphate/Rinse Booth,
     Blow Off/Dry Oven, 200+ Gal. Automated
     Paint Dipping Tank, (2) Spray Booths
     Spray Paint Pot & Gun, 30’ Infrared Oven,
     Fluid Tanks, Pumps & Control Panel, 10-Hp
     100 Gal. 2-Stage Compressor, (2) 5-Hp 60
     Gal. 2-Stage Compressors, (2) Fire Proof
     Paint/Thinner Storage Containers, Airless
     Painting Pump & Sprayer, Paint Pot,
     Sprayers, Hoses, Separators, Etc.

Office Furniture & Fixtures:
(6) Knoll Morrison Modular Work Stations
(20) Office & (14) Stacking Chairs
18”x18”x18” Safe
(3) Lateral 6-Drwr Legal File Cabinets
Vertical Plans Rack
Vintage Drafting Table
Corner Tables
Buffet Table
Desk Lamps
Glass Front Literature Case
(2) Steel Storage Cabinets
Office Phones
Cellular Phones
Computers, Printers
Scanner, Copiers, Fax Machine
(2) Under Counter Refrigerators
Chest Freezer
Washer and Dryer
Samsung TV & More Items!

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Everything is sold “as is, where is”, no warranty expressed or implied. Some items may be subject to confirmation. Items may be added, deleted, and or changed up to and during the auction. Bidder is responsible for knowing which item is being bid. Sellers, agents, employees, officers or auctioneers assume no responsibility on anything sold or personal injury resulting thereof. Sales tax will be charged on all items sold that are required to be taxed. Auctioneer & Sellers reserve the right to refuse or reject any and all bids. Removal of item(s) only after full payment is made. Auction Company/Seller reserves the right to resell any purchases and retain any monies received for any purchases not picked up within the allotted checkout times. See full terms at auction.

Although all information contained herein has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, the auctioneer and seller make no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of this information.  It is for this reason that buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to make inspection prior to the sale.

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